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  • CourseworkAre you a college or school student who needs a professional eye to edit your coursework?
  • Press ReleaseAre you writing a press release or some advertising material which has to be perfect?
  • University ApplicationsWe offer several services to university applicants.
  • University DissertationWe will read through your document carefully and correct it in terms of grammar, spelling, punctuation and sentence structure; if needed we will re-word slightly to improve readability, but without altering your meaning. The price is based on the number of words in your original document.
  • Professional CV AdviceDo you need a CV to be refined and look more professional?
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Prices for Personal Statements:

For a straightforward edit of a personal statement (undergraduate or postgraduate) the fee is £60.

We offer several services to university applicants.
The Standardedit will correct grammatical mistakes and check spelling, punctuation and capitalisation. We will also restructure sentences, or re-word where necessary, to improve the flow of your statement.

Standard Plus
also includes a paragraph-by-paragraph critique and, if necessary, suggestions on how your statement can be improved.

TheEnhanced editing provides a second review of your statement, including any amendments you have made based on the advice given in your critique.

The ‘Enhanced Plus’ service includes all of the above, plus advice on other aspects of your application.

- checking grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalisation and improving the flow of the statement.
(Standard Plus)
- to include a paragraph-by-paragraph critique.
- a second review to include any changes you have made, based on the advice in your critique.
(Enhanced Plus)
- to include advice on other aspects of your application.

For all other documents:
There is a flat fee of £50 to edit a CV. For all other documents we charge £15 per 500 words.

For documents that have been written by somebody whose first language is not English we will charge an additional £5.00 per 1000 words.

Please note: the charge is based on the word count in your original draft. If we change it for the better by reducing the word count we will charge according to the original draft, rather than the edited version.

All payments must be made in advance, in Sterling and by Paypal account which can be accessed on the payment page

Please contact me if you need any further information at


"You were fantastic in helping my throughout my personal statement. I wasn't sure of the approach that I should take in applying for a degree in a new subject area; however, you directed my personal statement in exactly the right way to justify my new academic path. Kay gave me the help I needed, ensuring I was not only first in line for the university application process, but the insight to guarantee that I received five offers from five applications. I could not recommend her more!"
James, Tunbridge Wells.

"Kay was an expert in her field of career advice and provided our students at Chatham Grammar School for Boys with immense support. Her ability to guide individuals in the completion of their personal statements was exceptional and enabled many of our boys and girls, in our mixed 6th form, to present high quality personal statements for their UCAS applications. Above all, Kay's eye for detail, scrutiny of grammar and ability to offer ways to develop the students' ideas was outstanding. I cannot recommend her highly enough to any prospective applicant, in need of such support."
Richard Cribb, UCAS Co-ordinator.

"Thank you for proofreading my web site, Muddydogdaycare. Your suggested changes have certainly made the site look much more professional. Thank you for such a quick response.!"
Michael Waters, Dunoon.


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